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Dr. Cecilia Chan provides consultations to faculties regarding the design and assessment of innovative educational research projects, grants and initiatives. She also leads, builds and supports faculty efforts to incorporate community to develop skills and knowledge related to the scholarship and assessment of teaching and learning. She has been mentoring and advising senior management and academics on strategic planning in quality assurance and enhancement, this includes driving many strategic initiatives to enhance student learning such as Teaching Excellent Awards, Teaching Development Grants, Teaching Feedback, Fellowship programme for new teachers and postgraduates.

Dr. Chan often delivers keynotes and workshops for schools, non-profit organisations such as accreditation bodies as well as higher education institutions. She conducts highly interactive workshops and is renowned in the areas of outcome-based education, assessment, feedback, experiential learning, the development and assessment of holistic competencies, and engineering education. She also gives advice in research, curriculum design, acts as an examiner for postgraduate students and reviewer for numerous board such as engineering accreditation bodies, quality assurance for schools and universities and curriculum reforms.

For speaking engagements and consultation matters, please contact her executive assistant Ms. Lavina Luk at ytluk89@hku.hk or write to her directly at cecilia.chan@cetl.hku.hk.