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13th January 2017 – Knots of Hearts Workshop at Concordia Lutheran School

The Knots of Hearts Workshop is the first activity under our Holistic Competencies and Virtues Education Enhancement and Research Project (HAVE Project). S.1-S.6 students were invited to make “Love Charms” and to write best wishes on memorandums that encourage and inspire others in the society.

Our first Knots of Hearts Workshop was successfully held at Concordia Lutheran School (North Point) on 13th January 2017. Dr. Cecilia Chan started off with an introduction of the workshop before showing the Knots of Hearts Tutorial video to the students. Around 20 students actively participated in this fun and meaningful activity. We are glad to hear that 6 students volunteered to join the “Knots of Hearts” Distribution Day when the handmade charms will be distributed to the public as a small gift of happiness.