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The First-ever Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence (AI) Educational Expo

Supported by the UGC Inter-Institutional Collaborative Activities scheme for the Fund for Innovative Technology-in Education (FITE), the first ever Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence (AI) Educational Expo in Hong Kong was held in the Main Library in The University of Hong Kong (HKU) on 19th June 2024. The Expo attracted the participation of 30 Edtech companies and organisations, and it also featured Professor Cecilia Chan’s book launch for her latest book titled “Generative AI in Higher Education: The ChatGPT Effect”. The event is not only for those of us in higher education, but also for the wider public and to raise people’s awareness of AI technologies and AI literacy.


Group photos

Group photos
Over 700 people registered for the event, including university teachers and students from both public and private institutions, as well as school principals, teacher and students in Hong Kong.


Group photos
The event was co-hosted with our sister university partners HKU, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), and also with different units in HKU: Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC), HKU Libraries, the Faculty of Education, Information Technology Services (ITS), the Techno-Entrepreneurship Core, Consortium for Higher Education Research in Asia (CHERA), and Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS).


Guests of honor
The guests of honor included Professor James Tang (Secretary General of the University Grants Committee), Ms. Flora Ng (Chief Information Officer and University Librarian, HKU), Mr. Tom Colloton (Book Co-author), Dr. Wilson Kwok (Assistant IT Director at HKU), Mr. Paul Wang (Director of the Techno-Entrepreneurship Core at HKU), Ms. Kate Lam (Director of Careers and Placement at HKU), Dr. Theresa Kwong (Director of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning at HKBU), Dr. Sean McMinn (Director of the Centre for Education Innovation at HKUST), and Professor Samson Tse (Dean of Student Affairs, HKU).


James Tang
“As educators we have a responsibility to not only embrace these transformative technologies, but also to incorporate our students the values to navigate the digital landscape responsibly and ethically, by ensuring that technological advancement serve the betterment of our society.” said Professor James Tang, during the opening speech. He continued by commending the event as an outstanding example of the university’s dedication to promoting excellence in teaching and fostering the growth of our youth, especially during a period when challenges arise from transformative technologies.


Discussion on the use and impact of Generative AI in higher education
The book launch event featured an engaging discussion between Professor Cecilia Chan and esteemed panellists including Professor Hugo Horta (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, HKU), Dr. Julia Chen (Director of the Educational Development Centre, PolyU), Dr. Benjamin Moorhouse (Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Studies, HKBU), and Professor Gary Wong (Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education, HKU), on the use and impact of Generative AI in higher education.


Book Launch
“Generative AI in Higher Education – The ChatGPT Effect” is an essential read for educators, students, and scholars who are keen to understand the broader societal implications of GenAI and its transformative role in pedagogy and research. You can get a copy of the book here.