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7th – 12th April 2017 – HAVE Project (HKU) x United Christian College (Kowloon East) Workshop

The “Girded Leaders” Programme was successfully held from 7th to 12th April, 2017 at Room 321, Run Run Shaw Building. This 4 day workshop was part of our HAVE Project and we have invited 33 Form 3, 4 and 5 students from United Christian College to participate. The activities focused on the cultivation of leadership, teamwork and communication skills of the students. At the same time, we also aimed to promote various personal values and concepts such as consideration and appreciation towards others. The first day started off with Dr. Chan’s opening speech followed by 2 ice-breaking games to help participants get to know each other and engage them in talking. Throughout the whole programme, students were divided into 6 teams to complete different missions, such as Team Debate, Human Scavenger Hunt and Spaghetti Bridge. Other activities such as the Knot of Hearts Workshop, Writing a Thank You Note and Stories of Hong Kong People have helped to remind students the importance of expressing thanks and consideration for their nearby surroundings. For the last day of the workshop, professors from the faculty of science, engineering and education were invited to share their knowledge and expertise on their faculty structures and enrollment requirements. Closer to the end, we had a heartwarming session where the students shared their dreams, which was then followed by a video featuring their parents’ own dreams . The heartfelt messages conveyed through the video made the students deeply engage in reflection as they realized that family matters most to their parents. Overall, the workshop has helped students to reflect on their learning experiences and fostered a better understanding of generic competencies.