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25th November 2023 – New paper published in Educational Research Review

19th October 2023 – New paper published in Educational Research Review

🧐 How do personal experiences, beliefs, and environmental factors shape university students’ leadership approaches and skills? Find out more from the latest study by Dr. Katherine Lee and Professor Cecilia Chan, which explores the various factors that influence university students’ leadership approaches, perceptions, and skills. Findings reveal two overarching themes: student-centric attributes, such as students’ personal experiences and beliefs, and environmental, contextual elements, including students’ immediate surroundings as well as the wider institutional and sociocultural environment. Many factors within and between these two themes were interlinked and had reciprocal relationships, forming an overall a dynamic web of factors that raises implications for continued research and leadership programme design. Interested in learning more? Don’t miss the chance to enjoy limited free access to the full article by clicking the following link: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1i909,dlbRkfWx (available until January 14, 2024).